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The new  AMY "LITTLE ROCKET" is an Amy Deluxe Collection hookah you definitely want to have. That is because it is a hookah made to perfection in every sense. It is a medium sized hookah featuring a sturdy black matte stem with decorative blue rockets, and a sturdy blue base with a nice blue accent. This hookah is also available in equally as stunning red color option. 

Good looks and small statue aside, little rocket can easily keep up with much bigger hookahs when it comes to functionality and delivering a pleasurable smoking experience.  It also employs the AMY Deluxe click system to ensure you do not experience the harsh scratching sensation while you are enjoying your shisha

Package includes:

  • Stone head with hot screen
  • Stainless steel smoke column 
  • Glass bowl
  • Click system
  • Special universal adapter with rocket blow-out system
  • 1 hose connection
  • Unscrew-able diffuser
  • Silicone hose with aluminum mouthpiece
  • Charcoal plate, charcoal tongs