AMY Stillness Shisha Silver Shaft Blue

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The AMY Stillness Shisha Silver Shaft Blue is an Amy Deluxe Collection hookah mainly characterized by its medium size of 18 inches. But small size aside, she can easily keep up with the bigger hookahs when it comes to functionality and delivering a pleasurable smoking experience.

It is a simple yet elegant hookah, featuring a sturdy aluminum stem and a thick glass base with a lovely blue accent. Also, since it is one of the Amy collection, it employs the AMY Deluxe click system that prevents unkind scratching while enjoying your shisha

Included in the delivery are:

Charcoal plate
Smoke column + base with 2 connections
1 hose adapter + 1 valve
Glasbowl (click system)
Patented chamber system
Coal tongs
Amy Hot Screen
Tape head
Food grade silicone tubing
Anodized aluminum mouthpiece and end piece
Seals and the valve ball