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The AMY Glass Shisha GS-03 is one of the most special glass water pipes that we have in stock, and this is why. One, it is proof of our commitment to give you smooth and safe smoking experiences with the classiest and most modern hookahs. Two, it’s a simple yet elegant shisha that is perfectly suited for beginners and seasoned shisha users.

Three, it is a high quality hookah made expertly made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass. For a glass hookah, the AMY GS-03 hookah has got great durability. Just don’t drop it on a concrete floor!

Good looks aside, this here is one highly functional 31-inch hookah with good pulling power and it produces rich, thick smoke. Its light construction and ease of portability make it a great addition to your hookah collection

What is in the box?

Clay head
Aluminum shaft
Acrylic bowl
Screw system
Push-in 2 hose connection
Silicone hose with aluminum mouthpiece
Charcoal tongs
All grommets