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The Amy Glassi set (z218) is another one of the well performing hookah accessories from the Amy Deluxe collection, and an effective alternative for the aluminum foil or the carbon sieve, with much better performance. it is made of thick, sturdy glass, with a heat resistant silicone-coated smoke box and handle.  

The Smokebox only requires at most 3 coals to deliver long and pleasurable smoking experience for everyone involved. And with adjustable air vents, the heat input can now be controlled with ease. its tobacco consumption is also lower, so you get to run through you box of flavored shisha much slower.

Here are reasons why you will like this set

  • Authentic Amy Deluxe Product
  • Easy heat control
  • Long term smoking pleasure
  • odorless and hygienic
  • Minimum heat loss due to double steel wall
  • Improved air circulation due to increasing cavity
  • Optimal air flow for coal
  • It is made from sturdy glass
  • Low tobacco consumption
  • Low coal consumption