AMY Red Little Princess

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The AMY Red Little Princess is a hookah made for any shisha lover with a penchant for the flashy. It has an eye-catching design that comprises bright red glass base, and black stem with a unique matte finishing. If handled with a little more care, this hookah promises to have a long life, full of very satiating smoking sessions for its new owner.

The little princess hookah is of exquisite quality, it is highly functional, and perfectly suited for beginning and veteran shisha users. It also uses the Amy Deluxe click system to prevent unpleasant scratching during your smoking sessions. It also has two chambers under the base, called "flow channels" that allow smoke to flow through them because they are located directly under the connections. This way, the smoke must take the detour via the bowl, and thus it won’t accumulate when blowing out.

Included in the delivery are:

Head with hot screen
Brass column of smoke
Glass bowl
Click system
Push-in hose connection
Chamber system
Integrated diffuser
2 hose connections
Silicone hose with aluminum mouthpiece
Hose bracket
Coal plate, coal tongs