Khalil Mamoon Pistol Gold Oxide

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The Khalil Mamoon Pistol Gold Oxide is a hand engraved, unique heavy metallic hookah with a perfect glass vase that is best for absolutely everyone who wishes a hookah on the way to closing from years to an entire life. It turned into hand-crafted in Egypt through a group of professional craftsmen who focus on creating the very best great hookahs available these days. Khalil Mamoon has been generating their stunning hookahs since the 1800s, so its no wonder why their excellent is number one. The Prince stands at 31 inches tall and is best for each person who desires lifestyle.



Authentic with KM stamp on the tray

KM Pro signature hose 60″

Oxide Metal Tray

Clay Bowl

Cleaning brushes



 NOTE: The color is a mix of Oxide and Gold. The complete gun part is oxide and rest is GOLD