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Meet the 32 inch Khalil Mamoon Pharonie Hookah (Farouni Hookah). It is a bit of traditional Egyptian KM hookahs with beautiful gold and silver elements. This shisha smoking pipe gives a fantastic possibility for long puffing classes with your dearest friends and family.


The glass base has lovely hand-painted golden decorations that make its enchantment even extra attractive. This is virtually a piece that you'll love to very own, or even display off on your buddies.


What makes the Pharonie Oxide hookah awesome:

Makes blowing smoke amusing. Tobacco smoking classes with friends are pretty much to get lit!

Made through hand by way of skilled Egyptian artisans. No two hookahs are ever made the same.

Makes a great present for unique human beings You don't even want an occasion. Any time is a unique second to present it as a gift.

The strong steel stem coupled with the huge, solid base make this a first-rate shisha pipe for lots of fun moments.

In the Box:


Authentic with KM stamp on the tray

KM Pro signature hose 60″

Silver Metal Tray

Clay Bowl