WOOKAH Mini Oak Set

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Oak is a light and natural looking kind of wood. It is a type of hardwood - strong and durable, so it is widely used in the furniture and flooring industry. The shade of Oak grains can differ greatly not only between trees, but also between branches of a single tree. 

The WOOKAH Mini Vase Smooth is crafted from hand-blown glass and features a threaded part made of 1.4301 (V2A) stainless steel, engraved with the WOOKAH logo.

The smooth vase is special because it's completely smooth and clear, without any flaws. Occasionally, you might see a delicate, thread-like line inside it, but that's very uncommon.

 The body includes a stainless steel inner tubing system which fully protects the inside of the wooden body from water and smoke and a special ventilation setup with tubes directed down which eases purging of excess smoke and has a quick lock system.


  • Weight: approx. 2,2 kg
  • Quick lock system
  • Ground joint connection
  • 1.4301 (V2A) stainless steel metal parts



  • WOOKAH Mini Oak body
  • WOOKAH Mini Smooth vase
  • WOOKAH Black Leather Hose
  • WOOKAH Vorclas Bowl, black: An innovative air flow system made through a combination of a vortex bowl with additional holes around its inner part allows you to fully experience the aroma of the shisha.
  • WOOKAH Wooden Mouthpiece Oak Leather
  • Bowl port
  • Tray
  • Valve set with ground joint connection and additional seal
  • Hose connector with ground joint connection
  • Downstem with diffuser, length: 145 mm
  • O-rings set
  • Certificate of authenticity