Smokah Atlantis Hookah

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Smokah’s Atlantis hookah is a super and appealing hookah constructed by using skilled shisha veterans to deliver high best shisha puffing classes with each use. As such, it's miles built with heavy obligation materials that increases its durability so it is able to go through a bit of tough managing and still look today's.


The Atlantis hookah is likewise designed to give you unheard of overall performance, similar to what you'll expect from any Smokah hookah. It would additionally make a completely thoughtful gift to a cherished one who is a shisha lover.


Why you're going to fall in love with the Atlantis:


  • It has the appears and wonderful overall performance in addition
  • High excellent creation makes it a hardy and lengthy-lasting hookah
  • Any shisha fan might truely find it irresistible as a gift
  • Makes any smoking session feel definitely epic

In the box


  • Stem
  • Tray
  • Glass Base
  • Hose
  • Tongs
  • Bowl