ODUMAN IGNIS Heat Management System

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The Oduman Ignis heat management device is a nicely designed hookah accessory made from high quality food-grade aluminum. It is just what you need for smoother, cleaner and more flavorful hookah smoking sessions. It has been perfectly crafted to regulate the amount of heat transfer from your hookah coals to shisha during a smoking session.

The Oduman Ignis HMD is big enough to hold 3 hookah coal cubes. It features lift carriers to allow airflow to your charcoal keeping them lit and maintaining consistent heat management.

Benefits of the Oduman Ignis:

  • It reduces the amount of ash, ultra-fine particles, that pass to your shisha
  • Eliminates the need for hookah foil or aluminum bowl screens.
  • Extends the life of your hookah smoking session.
  • Requires very little charcoal rotation, allowing for a relaxing, hassle-free hookah smoke.