MOB Xara Hookah

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This little Xara hookah is one in all MOB Hookah’s most popular mini-hookah packages, and right here is why. Firstly, it’s the best looks. There is nothing so state-of-the-art approximately the design of this little man but in this simplicity, there may be a terrific deal of beauty. This makes Xara in shape into your elegant domestic décor such as you wouldn’t believe.


Secondly, it’s the performance. Despite its miniature size, this hookah boasts of the type of performance maximum hookahs only wish they had. Add these kinds of to the extremely good puffing enjoy it gives, and its convenience of storage and transport, and also you handiest start to realize why that is a excellent deal.


Why The Xara is an Amazing acquisition


Every smoking session is superb

It is available in a lovely design that makes it a mini-hookah you may show off.

Its convenient length

It ensures pleasure with every smoking periods

It gives superb fee for your cash

In the Box


A tray

Glass vase

A stem

A Matching hose

Clay funnel bowl