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The MOB Invader is the brand new Spider is a killer access into the compact hookah world. The Invader is like a perfect mashup between some of your larger and smaller hookahs, and stand at best 14 inches tall. It is sleek and features modern-day appearance too. Beyond the brilliant design attraction, that's something that makes this portable length hookah even MORE portable.


And Don't be fooled by its length, the Invader contains its call and an average punch. It's miles designed to look correct on any desk pinnacle with 2 amazing colorings. 


Things that make the MOB Invader a special hookah:


Delivers a splendid smoking revel in just like it’s large cousins

Features a sleek and present day layout with the intention to in shape into any space

Feature a unique middle purge so that it will make you revel in it between puffs

Made from Aerospace Grade Aluminum for extremely-power and minimum weight

In the box:


three Aluminum legs

Oval fashioned glass vase

Screwdriver and screws

MOB quick phunnel bowl

Medical grade silicone hose

Anti-bend spring