Khalil Mamoon Turkey Gold

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The Khalil Mamoon Turkey Gold with Strikingly gold shaft in combination with the ice bucket contained on the top of the shaft. Ice can be placed into the ice bucket for a fab, clean consultation. It is a 29 inches tall shisha smoking pipe with a golden stem and a fashionable vase on the bottom.


More than being properly searching, the Turkey is an amazingly long lasting piece a good way to galvanize you with its excessive-performance and big smoke clouds. If you are fan of the traditional Egyptian fashion hand made portions, that is completely a shisha pipe for you.


What makes the Turkey Gold so super?

Delivers the original taste of your shisha

Makes each puff of your favored flavored shisha sweeter and greater memorable.

Makes time bonding with pals wonderful. An absolute ought to-have for social gatherings.

It is a lovely piece of artwork so as to additionally make a tremendous centerpiece when not getting used.

In The Box:


Authentic with KM stamp at the tray

KM Pro signature hose 60″

Silver Metal Tray

Clay Bowl



Cleaning brushes

Base protector