Khalil Mamoon OMDA ICE SADAF

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The Ice Omda Sadaf is a 32 inch unmarried hose hookah from Khalil Mamoon. It features an elegantly made stem with a beautiful glass base adorned with golden hand-painted ornaments.


It also comes with a huge bore hose that lets in most airflow. Because of this, you are guaranteed to enjoy the total and proper flavors of your sweetened tobacco with every puff. The shisha pipe additionally features a sturdy hand-made construct in order to make it considered one of your favorites for years yet to come.


Here is why the Omda Ice Sadaf is one of the excellent hookahs:

A tall, golden stem with hand-painted adorns offers this unmarried hose hookah a royal appearance.

The fashionable appearance makes it simply ideal gift to present to a pal or loved one, or for any unique event.

Only the toughest and maximum nice materials have been used to make this hookah. It is as long lasting as a hookah can get.

The water tub and lengthy shisha pipe cools the smoke making each puff of the sweetly flavored tobacco can be heavenly.

In the Box:


Authentic with KM stamp on the tray

KM Pro signature hose 60″

Gold Metal Tray

Clay Bowl


2 Cleaning brushes