Khalil Mamoon VIOLIN SAFARI SILVER (aka Kamanja كمنجا)

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The Khalil Mamoon Safari Silver hookah is a 22 inch small, but powerful hookah. This shisha smoking pipe ensures that your smoking periods are worthwhile. Each smoking episode is splendid at the same time as every puff you're taking feels heavenly. We guarantee you a high grade product that you will love. It is certain to make your friends inexperienced with envy.


A lot of care and consideration became used in its construction. Heavy obligation materials and welds make it a protracted lasting shisha pipe capable of final for hundreds of years and nevertheless appear new. Each hookah shisha is particular and has a special contact, you are confident that it’s the handiest one among that kind.


Why the Violin Safari silver is a must-have:

Made the usage of robust and hard substances. You are guaranteed a exceptional and durable product.

It is perfect for events, camps, and domestic use. It has been built to create lasting recollections with buddies and own family.

You are guaranteed an superb smoking enjoy from this hookah. Nothing however the satisfactory price on your money.

The overall performance of this small sized hookah will blow your thoughts. Despite its length, it performs in addition to its larger opposite numbers.

In the box:


Silver steel tray

Signature 60’’khalil mamoon hose

Clay bowl

Cleaning brushes