Khalil Mamoon LULU

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Khalil Mamoon’s Lulu hookah is a single hose shisha pipe with an fashionable, medium sized, trophy-style stem and beautiful glass base. It measures 28 inches in height and capabilities a wide-bore hose that lets in most airflow for an virtually peasant smoking enjoy.


The Lulu Hookah packs quite a punch regardless of its smaller length. It is effortlessly clean to take with you on every occasion you are going for more amusing. It is likewise a sturdy and sturdily made hookah that delivers awesome overall performance no matter the occasion.


What makes the Lulu hookah one among a type:

Made difficult to resist business use. Your birthday party will not be whole without such a.

The lovely design and decorations make it an actually memorable gift for a friend or family member.

Like all Khalil Mamoon hookahs, it is made in Egypt by means of experienced craftsmen. It is a hookah you'll love.

The particular stem layout and appealing vase make this an elegant piece this is assured to feature style and sophistication to ever smoking session.

In the Box


Authentic with KM stamp on the tray

KM Pro signature hose 60″

Gold Metal Tray

Clay Bowl


2 Cleaning brushes

Base Protector