MIG Bunkr Bowl

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The MIG BUNKR hookah bowl is made of food-safe concrete and is manufactured in Germany with high quality. Each individual bowl is cast in concrete and reworked in painstaking manual work.

Its modern and clean design integrates perfectly into any MIG setup and the large, right-angled tobacco reservoir allows your tobacco plenty of surface area. The high number of honeycomb holes not only guarantee a very good draft, but also a more even heat distribution, as would be the case with a conventional multi-hole bowl.

The integrated X-patterns on the upper part of the bowl guarantee a secure and firm hold of the chimney.

Concrete bowl + matching sieve made of stainless steel
Material: food grade concrete
Height: 60 mm
Outer Diameter: 68 mm
recommended amount of tobacco: approx. 12 - 16 G