Honey Sigh Mini Stick Hookah

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The Honey Sigh Mini Stick is a minimalist hookah pipe with a classic medium draft built to enjoy hookah smoking. Its a shorter version of Honey Sigh's Stick pipe. The purging system consists of five valves that allow you to blow out the smoke at once and cool the bowl without flooding it with water.
The shaft, tray, bowl cone, and mouthpiece are made of AISI304 stainless steel, and the valve is made with polyacetal.
  • Stem height - 32 cm
  • Submersible shaft length - 13 cm
  • Bowl cone height - 4 cm
  • Diameter of the tray - 16 cm
  • Diameter of the stem is 13 mm

Package includes: Stem, hose, tray, glass base, base grommet, mouthpiece, bowl grommet, plastic balls for air release x 2.