Kaloud® Samsaris® Vitria For Lotus I and For Lotus I+

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Kaloud® Samsaris® Vitria For Lotus I and Lotus I+ The world's first silicone-glass hookah bowl, the Kaloud® Samsaris® Vitria II Hookah Bowl is one of a kind. Made from FDA approved non-toxic silicone, this bowl is safe to use and is very durable. One of it's key features allows for the Lotus I and Lotus I+ to perfectly fit on top, making your hookah sessions that much more enjoyable. The Vitria's glass top makes it very easy to pack and clean, leaving you with less things to worry about when preparing for your hookah sessions.  Details: No grommet necessary FDA approved silicone Detachable glass Phunnel design  Height: 4" Width: 9.5" Pack: 15-20 grams NEVER PLACE CHARCOAL DIRECTLY ON THE SILICONE HOUSING OF YOUR KALOUD SAMSARIS VITRIA II® LOTUS I® AND LOTUS I+® SOLD SEPARATELY.