A Detailed Comparison of the Different Types of Charcoal!

Posted by G. Loutaif on 16th Jul 2020

A Detailed Comparison of the Different Types of Charcoal!

The Best Hookah Charcoal: A Detailed Comparison of the Different Types

Hookah is one of the most popular smoking methods in the world. It is not just used for tobacco but also other herbal blends. To get a hookah to smoke properly, you need to have good hookah charcoal. There are many different types of hookah charcoals available on the market today, but not all hookah charcoals are created equal.

If you want your hookah smoking experience to be as enjoyable as possible, it is vital to invest in high-quality hookahs and high-quality hookah charcoal. There are several natural hookah coals, including coconut shell charcoal, lemonwood charcoal, and more.

In this blog post, we will describe different types of hookah coals and give details about each one so that you can find what works best for your needs!

What is hookah charcoal, and what does it do?

Hookah charcoals are used to heat hookahs. The hookah charcoal you use must be high-quality. Natural hookah coals, made from wood or coconut shells, produce less ash than coal briquettes, so they deliver a better smoking experience!

Hookah charcoals come in many different shapes and sizes. You can also get them with flavorings on them for added taste/smell while smoking your hookahs!

There are several benefits of using natural hookah coals over other types of hookah coals:

- They burn longer (average 30 minutes)

- There's no chemical aftertaste compared to some quick light brands.

- They are all-natural hookah coals

- The heat distribution is even.

How to light hookah charcoal?

The most effective way to light these coals is on a single coil burner or an electric stove with an exposed heating coil.

Place the coals on the burner. Turn up the heat to its maximum setting. Allow them to heat up for about 4-5 minutes on one side before turning them over. Turn the coals over. Allow 2-3 minutes for them to heat on the other side. The hookah coal is red-hot and glowing at this point, ready to be placed on the hookah.

We recommend that you always use a charcoal holder to move the hot coals from the burner onto your hookah for safety reasons.

How long do hookah coals last?

Whether you prefer natural hookah charcoal or quick lighting coals, you'll want to make sure they're completely heated through.

Natural coals last around 45 minutes, whereas quick lighting coals endure only 20 to 25 minutes.

Good-lit coal will burn through the entire duration of its life and extend your hookah session.

We've seen a variety of different sizes for charcoals in recent years. Obviously, the larger the size, the longer the charcoal will burn.

How do you make hookah coals last longer?

Managing the heat on the bowl is also critical. Wind Covers are a fantastic approach to keep the heat at bay while also extending the hookah coals' life.

Another excellent technique to keep your shisha from burning and make it easier to manage the coals is to use a heat management system.

Placing the coals around the edge of the bowl rather than in the center may also assist in distributing heat more evenly.

The small incisions along the surface area of your hookah foil may also assist with this.

Quick lighting charcoals

Want a quick smoke session? Use quick lighting coals

If you're just getting started with hookah smoking, it might be a good idea to start with something easy and convenient. Quick lighting coals are the most popular type of hookah coal on the market today because they require very little time to light up before smoking.

Quick lighting hookah coal products are perfect for hookah smokers at home.

The three most popular brands are:

  • 3 Kings
  • Starlight
  • Starbuzz
  • Three Kings Charcoal is a premium quality quick light charcoal that is used for hookah tobacco.

    They come in a box of ten 33 mm rolls with 10 pieces each equaling 100 pieces.

    These are Quick Light coals that can be lit with a torch lighter or open flame. Three Kings Charcoal lasts between 25-45 minutes of burn time per coal. These Easy Light Charcoals have a chemical that allows for instant lighting of your coals. Three Kings manufactures their instant lighting charcoal product in Holland.

    Starlight charcoals is instant light charcoal that you can use to smoke your hookah. It is odorless and environmentally friendly, typically lasting for 45 minutes. The package contains 10 aluminum foil-wrapped rolls of 10 charcoals each, for a total of 100 charcoals.

    Starbuzz Coconut Shell Instant Light Charcoal 35mm. The latest creation from the Starbuzz team is aimed to solve issues that many of us face in the everyday world of hookah, the instant light charcoal. Each box will come with ten rolls of coals for a total of 100 coals.

    In 30 seconds, using an ordinary pocket lighter, you can have red hot coals for your hookah.

    1 box, 100 pieces, 35mm tablets. 

    Natural slow lighting coals

    Most natural hookah charcoals on the market are made of pyrolyzed wood(https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/engineering/wood-pyrolysis), wood dust, or compressed coconut shells. Because natural coals contain no chemical lighting agents, they require a steady source of heat to ignite.

    Natural hookah charcoals are some of the finest available anywhere on the market. Many natural hookah charcoals are made from lemon wood trees. Some are made from coconut shells.

    The most popular hookah coal for advanced smokers is slow-lighting coal. These hookah coals require a long time to light up but have very little ash left over after burning; they also burn at about 25 minutes per cube or longer depending upon how many people you're smoking with!

    Slow-light hookahs take more patience than quick lighting hookahs - it can be difficult to wait five whole minutes before your first puff :)

    Lemonwood coal is some of the cleanest hookah charcoal you'll ever smoke. Made from raw Lemonwood and using an age-old coal production method; these natural coals maintain a temperature perfectly suited for shisha tobacco. Because of the traditional production methods, the coals will range in size from tiny flakes to large chunks that require breaking up.

    Natural hookah charcoal holds the perfect temperature for smoking hookah tobacco for a long-lasting hookah session. Coconut hookah coals also ash more gracefully than other coals we've tried, with no ash fluttering over the bowl and tray.

    Finger-style natural coals are a standard in the hookah smoking industry for dependable, clean coals. Each coal is pierced into three segments (fingers), allowing you to break it apart easily.

    How to maintain your new coals once they've been lit?

    It's vital to keep a consistent temperature for the tobacco by turning your charcoal regularly.

    Also, using a wind cover to prevent your charcoal from overheating due to the wind.

    What to look for when buying hookah charcoal?

    Most retailers and online hookah shops carry a variety of hookah charcoals to fit any taste. Price should not be your main concern when it comes hookah coals. A good hookah coal should not be too expensive and make sure you buy a sufficient amount for your smoking sessions, because some hookahs can use up to 6 cubes in one sitting!

    When purchasing hookah charcoal, the size is another aspect to consider. Long charcoals will not fit if you use a heat management system. You'll require a square shape, ideally a natural hookah charcoal, because of the presence of the heat management system.

    Which charcoal is best for hookah?

    Natural charcoal does not have the chemicals that quick light coal has. It solely incorporates organic components like coconut shell, orangewood, lemonwood, and bamboo. This means your hookah bowl will be cleaner and last longer, and your hookah session will taste better!

    Natural coconut charcoal is becoming a fan favorite in the hookah community. It burns longer and more evenly, requiring fewer coals to heat hookah tobacco. They are free of any chemicals or impurities, and hookah smokers can enjoy a truly delightful hookah smoking experience.

  • Longer hookah sessions with better flavor from your flavored tobacco.
  • Cleaner and less ash.
  • Fewer cracks throughout your smoking session.
  • Better heat distribution over your shisha.
  • Is coconut charcoal safe for hookah?

    Coconut natural coals are a cleaner and smarter alternative to quick light coals.

    Natural coconut hookah coals are made from coconut shells. Coconut hookah coals are one of the most popular hookah charcoals because they produce long-lasting heat, low burning temperature, and no chemical additives or other undesired items in them.

    Coconut coals produce a gentler, more soothing smoke than hardwood. They also last considerably longer and are far less expensive to purchase. Coconut coals burn at a lower temperature, just enough to keep your hookah sessions exactly right.

    Due to the organic components in coconut hookah charcoal, you will notice a different taste compared to traditional quick-burning coals.

    How Coconut Coals Are Made

    Coconut coals require one main key ingredient to produce functional coal, and that is coconut. The coconut shell extraction is done by hand with a tiny instrument to separate the shell from the husk and coconut flesh. After obtaining and cleaning the coconut shell, it is left to dry for days to remove all moisture. The shells are inspected, dried out, and then burnt until they turn into a powder mixed with water and a starch extract from cassava root. The ingredients are mixed and molded to create the final product.

    Best hookah charcoal

    Many hookah lounges thrive with quick lighting coals, while others demand only the purest natural coals. Use only the highest quality natural hookah charcoal to guarantee a fantastic smoke session with your preferred hookah.

    The hookah has been a popular smoking method for centuries. In recent years, the popularity of hookah in Europe and North America has increased significantly due to its use as an alternative way to consume tobacco.

    No one needs to worry about nicotine when they smoke with a water pipe because it is filtered out when you inhale it into your lungs.

    To get the best experience possible, invest in high-quality charcoal made from natural materials like coconut shells or lemonwood coals rather than regular briquettes that are often chemically treated. You can find natural options like coconut shell charcoal, lemonwood charcoal, or more at our online store! Check them out if interested - we guarantee they will provide an incomparable hookah smoking experience.