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The AMY FINEST HOOKAH HEADER is a hookah accessory that you certainly want attached to your hookah. That is because it combines the advantages of our proven glass head with the classic design of a globe. it is made of thick glass, so its durability is irrefutable. 

The finest header boasts low tobacco consumption since it has a 15g capacity, It also features a double walled attachment that ensures minimal heat loss. the cavity ac also be enlarged for improved air circulation and an overall smooth smoking experience.  

Reasons to love this set

  • Long-lasting smoking pleasure
  • Odorless & hygienic
  • Robust Metal 
  • Easy cleaning
  • Low tobacco consumption (15g capacity)
  • Minimal heat loss through double-walled attachment
  • Improved air circulation by enlarging the cavity
  • Optimal air flow for the coal
  • Molasses catcher in the bowl