Aladin MVP 470 - CUBE

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Aladin MVP 470

The Aladin MVP 470 is a medium-sized hookah. The 470 boasts a smooth, V2A stainless steel stem and body, in combination with a heavy glass base, offered in a variety of unique patterns. Suitable for lounging, the 470 is designed to be the centerpiece of any occasion.


  •   Naturally rustproof
  •   Interchangeable base
  •   Adjustable diffuser
  •   Closed chamber
  •   Threaded lock system
  •   Up to 2 connectors
  •   46 cm (height)
  •   3.30 kg

Accessories Included:

  •   Hose set
  •   Aladin Optimus Eco head
  •   Mockingbird chimney set w/ screen
  •   Anti-kink spring
  •   Tong